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Business Operations Associate Position

Job Opportunity at Wego Chemical Group Category: Other Post Date: 07/05/17

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Wego Chemical Group is an international importer, supplier, and distributor of chemicals and raw materials. We are an established player in the international commercial chemical markets, providing companies in the developed world with supply chain solutions emanating from around the world, primarily the Far East. Our team has been operating for over 35 years, with offices in four continents and consistent business in over 25 countries. We are 80+ strong around the world, with 10 global offices in 7 countries.

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Job Title

Business Operations Associate

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Job Description

You will have a variety of responsibilities relating to the day-to-day operations of our business. You will be responsible for working with our sales team and product managers coordinating order fulfillment for USA client relationships; Wego's clients include large, commonly known and publicly traded manufacturers across a variety of industries. You will also be a liaison to our foreign sales offices, and in particular to our Sao Paulo office.

In particular, you will be responsible for maintaining a high level of internal operational efficiency and for delivering superior client & vendor service.

You will also have some market research and more project oriented responsibilities in order to provide our global sales force with valuable information. This ranges from collecting and synthesizing import data, identifying new customer leads, and identifying trends among Wego competitors.

Responsibilities of Position
  • Respond to client inquiries, sales and purchase order entry, coordinate and manage new opportunities with sales team
Required Qualifications
  • Bachelors degree, interest in International Business, Bilingual (English/Portuguese)
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