Aircraft Sales Representative

Aircraft Sales Representative Position

Job Opportunity at American Aircraft Appraisal and Export LLC Category: Marketing Post Date: 03/12/14

Conduct sales and acquisitions of business and private aircraft, globally Inquire about Position

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Company Overview

American Aircraft Appraisal and Export LLC sells private jets, helicopters, and airplanes. Our reputable full service aircraft acquisition and resale company has an established history in conducting many successful sale transactions in Brasil and other countries throughout the world

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Job Title

Aircraft Sales Representative

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Job Description

The new team member will become an integral part of our fast growing very successful aircraft sales team. American Aircraft is a very competitive and diversified organization with more to offer than our competition has. Our reputable full service aircraft acquisition and resale company has an established history in conducting many successful sale transactions in Brasil. The Representative will be engaged daily in phone and internet communications with media organizations, business owners, pilots, and high wealth individuals. He will search for particular aircraft meeting the Clients needs, coordinate services connected with the transaction, and work with Staff and Clients through closing of the sale.

Responsibilities include:
Communicating via telephone and email with both new and existing clients to satisfy their aviation needs with our extensive offerings.
Writing presentations, proposals, contracts, and advertisements.
Communicate and report to the Sales Manager daily.
Entertain Clients at business lunches and gatherings.
Working with banking representatives and finance personnel with aircraft financing.
Working with government officials in the aviation sector of Brasil.
Coordinating with pilots, maintenance facilities, and airport facilities during transactions.

Responsibilities of Position
  • Networking with new and existing Clients, composing documents, investigating aircraft of interest
Required Qualifications
  • Established record in sales of large or high value equipment, OR,a licensed Pilot with excellent communication skills and is driven for success
Bonus Skills
  • licensed PIlot
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T: (757) 724-6047 Email Aircraft Sales Representative

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