Chamber Committees

Chamber Committees

The Chamber’s committee structure allows a broader cross-section of the membership to play an integral and active role in the organization’s mission of building stronger business relations between Brazil and the United States. The list of committees includes the following: Awards Committee; Banking & Capital Markets Committee; Executive Committee; Finance & Compliance Committee; Legal Programs & Events Committee; Membership & Marketing Committee; Nominating Committee.
Our Committees

Awards Committee Establishes guidelines for Chamber awards. Makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for recipients of these awards.

Carlos Alberto Vieira , Chairperson.

Banking & Capital Markets Committee Reviews and evaluates key issues affecting US-Brazilian business developments in this industry. Informs members through publications, roundtable discussions, and workshops.

Paulo Vieira da Cunha , Chairperson.

Executive Committee Defines goals and policies for the Chamber.

Sergio C. Pereira , Chairperson.

Finance & Compliance Committee Assists the Board of Directors in overseeing the Chamber's financial integrity and its compliance with regulatory requirements.

James J. Quinn , Chairperson.

Legal Programs & Events Committee Identifies key legal issues in US-Brazil business and assists in the development of Chamber programs and seminars around these themes.

Amadeu Ribeiro / Paul M. Rodel , Chairperson.

Membership & Marketing Committee Assists in the development of programs and services to best serve our current members. Identifies means to recruit new Chamber members.

Gaston Terrones Dimant , Chairperson.

Nominating Committee Nominates Directors for election by Chamber members. Proposes officers, Executive Committee members, and committee chairpersons for election by the Board of Directors.

Celso V. Barison , Chairperson.

Person of the Year Fellowship Committee Supports the Person of the Year Fellowship Program, which awards scholarships to exceptional young professionals who are pursuing graduate studies and demonstrate the distinctive potential to become great leaders within the Brazilian-American community.

J. Roberto David de Azevedo , Chairperson.

Members : Leigh Bass, Valmor Bratz, Julia Chen McClanan

Trade & Business Investment Committee Raises awareness of key issues affecting US-Brazil bilateral trade and business investment through proposing topics for Chamber seminars, programs, and events.

Aron D. Schreier , Chairperson.

Young Professionals Committee Formed by young professionals from various industries who are currently engaged or have a keen interest in Brazil-US business relations. The committee organizes its own annual events in support of the Chamber’s primary mission of fostering business and investments between Brazil and the US.

Bianca Chiavicatti , Chairperson.