World's Best Breezes Lead to Cheapest Wind Power in Brazil

World's Best Breezes Lead to Cheapest Wind Power in Brazil

Chamber Articles Category: Energy Post Date: 01/10/18 Source: Bloomberg By: Vanessa Dezem
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In northeast Brazil, beyond the resorts and pristine beaches, lie some of the world’s best winds for generating electricity.

Welcome to Serra Branca. It’s a wind generator’s heaven, featuring breezes so perfect for spinning turbines that this Brazilian region is capable of churning out more wind energy than any other part of the world. In the latest testament to the region’s wind bounty, a French renewable energy company, Voltalia SA, just won contracts to build more farms there that’ll sell the cheapest wind power Brazil has ever seen.

“Our strategy is to gain scale in that area,” Robert Klein, country manager at Voltalia Brazil said in an interview. “High volume is key to being competitive.”

Voltalia’s buildout underscores just how big Brazil’s wind power market stands to get. The country already has almost 11 gigawatts of turbines in operation now and was ranked the No. 5 wind market in the world based on 2016 installations, according to the Global Wind Energy Council. Read Full Article