Meirelles: Pension reform will boost "confidence and solidity" in the economy

Meirelles: Pension reform will boost "confidence and solidity" in the economy

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Finance Minister Henrique Meirelles reinforced on Wednesday (8) the need for approval of the pension reform before the end of this year. After meeting with President Michel Temer and members of Congress, the minister said the new measures will improve confidence and boost the solidity of the Brazilian economy.

“It is critical, because then not only will we enter 2018 with the economy already under more consistent growth, but we also give an injection of confidence and solidity in economic growth," Meirelles said.

For the minister, entering next year with the new pension rules already approved will allow the economy to continue growing with the public budget in the black. "As far as we get approval this year, we already enter 2018 with the expectation of stability in the government budget in the future... it guarantees growth for 2018 and for the following years," he said.

Considered essential to avoid a public accounts collapse, the pension reform provides for the adoption of a minimum retirement age of 65 for men and 62 for women in order to curb an even more exacerbated growth of Brazil's pension deficit. Read Full Article