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Brazil's Dirt Cheap Equity Market May Jump 40% in 2018, UBS Says

Brazil’s stock market could surge almost 40 percent over the next 75 days, according to UBS.

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As Global Stocks Fall, Investors Put Trust in Brazil

Investors searching for bright spots in last week’s global stock tumble found one in Brazil.

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Brazil Is the Only Emerging Market You Should Own Right Now: Chart

While 2018 has so far been another stellar year for U.S. stocks, it's been a lot more lackluster for pretty much every other country on the planet. According to a recent research note from Baird, the U.S. accounts for 120% of the year-to-date move in the MSCI World Index.

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Brazilian Financial Markets Euphoric With Election Polls

The markets are beginning to consider a Bolsonaro win in the election's first round in their projections - and price assets accordingly. Trading desks showed their glee through Tuesday's closing numbers.

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Brazil opens swine market for India

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), announced yesterday (26) that India will begin to import pork from Brazil.

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Are Brazilian Stocks Cheap?

Brazilian stock prices have fallen by 35% in U.S. dollar terms since February, extending a decade long bear market. Brazilian stocks (MSCI Brazil) have provided total investor returns of negative 40% over the past ten years.

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Brazil seeks to conclude Mercosur-EU trade deal after 20-year talks

Mercosur and the EU must close a long-awaited trade accord when negotiators meet this month or risk it being derailed by elections on both continents, Aloysio Nunes Ferreira, Brazil’s foreign minister, has warned.

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Brazil and Argentina discuss regulatory convergence on automotive sector

The Brazilian Ministries of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services (MDIC) and Foreign Affairs (Itamaraty) have signed an agreement with the Argentine Ministry of Production establishing the basis for a future unification of technical rules for the production of light and heavy vehicles.

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Mercosur and European Union to schedule new round of negotiations for September

Mercosur has scheduled a new meeting on September 18 to discuss the agreement between the bloc and the European Union, which has been debated for almost 20 years, reports Agência Brasil. The meeting was convened by Uruguay, which chairs Mercosur pro-tempore.

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Apple, Netflix Shares in Brazil Jump in Bid to Avoid Turmoil

In a bid to escape domestic disorder, Brazilian investors have upped their bets on locally-traded shares of Apple Inc., Netflix Inc. and GoPro Inc.

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