The Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce, Inc., based in New York City, is an independent, not-for-profit business membership organization. A non-governmental association, the Chamber’s mission is to promote trade and investment flows between Brazil and the United States and forge closer ties between the business communities of both nations.

Since its founding in 1969, the Chamber has emerged as one of the most active and dynamic bilateral business catalysts. Through networking opportunities, personalized introductions, sector-specific programs, major conferences, and a wealth of information available via our online website, the Brazilian-American Chamber is dedicated to providing each one of our member firms with a personalized and tailored service to ensure they reach their business goals and make the most of this exciting time for US-Brazil relations.

How the Chamber Operates

The Chamber is run by a volunteer Board of Directors composed of representatives from member companies. The Board elects officers, determines Chamber policy and nominates committee chairpersons.

The Chamber Committees are focused on strategic segments of bilateral business, ranging from banking & capital markets to tourism and trade. Committees form an integral part of the Chamber by allowing member companies to become actively involved and leverage their individual expertise to forward the organization’s overall mission of forging closer business ties between Brazil and the United States.